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Book Reviewer Fran Lewis Reviews, The Great Snowball Escapade

cropped-book-logo-for-fb-twitter11-16.jpgA review of my book, The Great Snowball Escapade by Reviewer- Fran Lewis.

Book Reviewer Fran Lewis Reviews, The Great Snowball Escapade




I’M DONE WRITING MY 35000 word Middle Grade Novel! YAY!!!!

I’M DONE WRITING MY 35000 word Middle Grade Novel! YAY!!!! 

I’m not sure what to title this story yet, but in it the Cameron children just want the toys they asked for for Christmas.
The uncle that Trisha Frankel has lived with most of her life with has died. The only option she has is to find the father she does not know, even thought her uncle said, “He was no good.”
Trisha takes her dog, Mitch to search out her father and find out what he is like for herself. Along the way, her dog is stolen. The most likely suspect in the dog’s disappearance is a man connected to the Cameron children, who, long the way realizing what is truely important, and what sometimes the lives of others are more important their own interests.

Winter is coming! The Great Snowball Escapade


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Character Quote: Geordie And The Beam Of Light by J.D. Holiday


Cover Geordie And The Beam Of Light 7-27-16“Well, I have an idea!Geordie said. He hurried back into his studio. Loud noises came from inside before Geordie shouted, I have it!

He came out carrying a sign that read:




“Maybe this will help,” Georgie said. “I have to get back to work. I’m close to a breakthrough. Let me know what happens.”

Cordelia peeked inside the door of the dark studio. She could not see anything. “What are you working on?” she asked Geordie. AAAAAB Geordie Page 5 beam of light racing from the field SMALLER-CLOSER 7x10 SIGN for Online

“The greatest invention ever,” Geordie said. “It will be a treat for all of us.”

Geordie And The Beam Of Light,  Future picture book by J.D. Holiday